Things you need to consider before raising a cat | AIITLE

Things you need to consider before raising a cat.

Things you need to consider before raising a cat | AIITLE

1: The problem of cat hair loss. When the seasons change, cats will lose their hair. Although it is a very happy thing to roll the cat, there are also people who have the problem of cat hair loss. Some clothes made of cotton materials and wool products cannot be worn. Clean people should also think about it. At this time, consider Aittle Pet Hair Remover, which can effectively remove pet hair from your body without worrying about the problem of hair splashing around.
2: Feeding problem. Scientific feeding is recommended to be cat food, but it is industrial food after all. It can be understood that instant noodles+various nutritional additives, so it is better to have self-made food if possible. Simple boiled chicken breast is also good. Cats are carnivorous animals. Those who do not have time to make cat food can buy some canned cats to improve it.
3: Sterilization and vaccine issues. As long as it is not for breeding and making money, most owners will be sterilized. One is that the estrus is a headache for cats and their owners. Many people say that sterilization is inhumane. In fact, it is not. After sterilization, there are many benefits for cats. For the vaccine, the hospital plays cat triple, and the better reputation is to play Miaoshando. As for rabies vaccine, I don't think it is necessary. Adult cats can also play cat triple. In addition, many owners of cats will be scratched and bitten by their own cats without serious stress. I don't think it is necessary to have rabies vaccine. It is important to clean the wound at the first time to prevent bacterial infection. Don't worry about rabies infection. You can use the ten day observation method to pay attention to cats. In addition, playing rabies vaccine at epidemic prevention points can not be coordinated by medical insurance. The price of four domestic vaccines is 300-400 yuan, partly because of, Most of the medical staff on the site will not tell about the harm caused by the adverse reaction of vaccination.
4: Apart from daily consumables, necessities, and long-term choice of consumables, there is no upper limit on how to support the poor and the rich. Daily consumables cat litter: cat food, canned cat. Necessary consumables: all kinds of medicines. Ear washing, insect repellent, external spray, nail clipper, cat grass, cat snacks, cat milk powder, cat toys, long-term consumables: airline box, cat shampoo, cat litter basin, cat scratch board, cat climbing frame, cat backpack, nutritional cream. Cat table, etc.
5: Other supplementary questions: students, people without fixed jobs, long-term business trips, clean freaks, and residents in public environments do not recommend keeping cats all the time. It is easy to have stray cats in the later stage, and you cannot harm cats for a lifetime just because you like them for a while. You can also buy an AIITLE high quality dog or cat bed during the activity. This product can not only provide a comfortable living environment for pets, but also make the price very favorable, because we will offer a great discount during the New Year.

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